We are a community of extraordinary women committed to loving inspiring and empowering women and girls to embrace their authenticity, live un-apologetically and walk in purpose.

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She.spiration believes in the principle that every life can be changed by a consistent display of love.   It's not hard to show a woman; a child; a community that you care.  No matter the need, a kind and loving gesture is never too small.  


The greatest compliment a woman can receive is that she inspired another woman or girl to pursue and fulfill her purpose.  That is the core of why She.spiration was formed.  An inspired woman inspires other women.  


Sometimes, all a woman needs to get "unstuck" is to be told that she can do anything she puts her mind to THEN...she needs the tools.  What good is a nail without a hammer?  She.spiration views herself at that hammer.  A community of women who have every tool necessary to empower other women for success. 

Shespiration is the brainchild and passion of Mrs. Kendra Hobbs. 


Kendra was born and raised in Flint, Michigan; a proud graduate of Flint Southwestern Academy; a devoted wife and loving mother to three beautiful daughters; and grandmother to two handsome boys.  She's a faithful follower of Jesus Christ and is always keenly aware of the need in our community. So, that about sums it up, right?  - Not even close. 

In her own words...

For more than 20 years, I have served as an administrative professional assisting executive level leadership in the Telecommunication, Automotive and Medical Insurance industries.  This career allowed me to exercise my God given gift of administration; little did I know that a different type of gift was emerging.  My day-to-day activity as an Admin afforded me the opportunity to network and converse with people from many different backgrounds.  Networking progressed to non-superficial conversation and soon I found that those conversations quickly turned personal.  To my surprise, virtual strangers offered detailed accounts of their personal and professional experiences following a simple 'Hello'.  It was the oddest thing to have someone approach me for advice or my opinion on subjects that I felt completely ill-quipped to address. 

About  Us


It wasn't until 2016 that I began embracing this newly manifested gift/calling.  With the encouragement of my friends and family, I began my journey of self-discovery, inner healing  and spiritual deliverance.  I finally learned that a whole woman is a healed and inspired woman.  That is what I endeavor to display to my daughters, sisters, aunts, cousins, friends and all women and girls!  In June 2020, I became a fully certified Life Coach through the Destiny Training Academy.


My deepest desire in this life is to leave a legacy of love, inspiration and empowerment for my daughters and all women and girls.  We have immeasurable gifts and talents to pass down to the generations to follow us. 

In my personal time, I enjoy spending quality time with her family and friends, watching the latest movies, singing, concerts and cooking.  

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